Roberta F1


  • early maturing variety for growing under covers and outdoors
  • high commercial yield
  • block-type, very large and heavy (190-220 g), three- or four-chamber fruit with smooth, shining skin are tolerant to transportation and storage
  • medium-sized stems facilitate harvest and prevent the deformation of fruit
  • tolerant to blossom end rot

Roxana F1

  • roxana1

Odmiana wczesna do uprawy pod osłonami i w odkrytym gruncie- wysoki plon handlowy- owoce typu blok, bardzo duże i ciężkie (190-220 g), 3-4 komorowe, o gładkiej, błyszczącej skórce; dobrze znoszą transport i przechowywanie- szypułka średniej wielkości ułatwia zbiór i zapobiega zniekształcaniu owoców- tolerancyjna na suchą zgniliznę wierzchołkową

Symfonia F1

  • SymfoniaF1_1
  • SymfoniaF1_2
  • SymfoniaF1_3

The earliest variety of pepper for growing in tunnels and greenhouses. Plants are medium-high and easy to grow due to the lack of tendency to spread. The open plant habit with the evenly distributed fruit. Fruit sets are formed outside the crown, which prevents jamming and facilitates the harvest. This variety is characterized by the block- type, well-shaped, three- or four-chamber fruit of excellent quality, 9x10 cm in dimensions, 200-250 g in weight (often 300 g) and 8-10 mm thick wall. The fruit are smooth and don't show an inclination to suffer from microcracking. They quickly become deep red and glossy. Due to the regularity of their shape, they fit well into cardboard boxes and attract consumers. The variety's advantages include the early maturity, prolificness and an excellent, export- like quality of fruit. It’s tolerant to microcracking and the TmV virus.

Werona F1

  • WERONAF1_1
  • WERONAF1_3
  • WeronaF1_2

A hybrid variety of pepper, which has gained recognition among vegetable producers for its prolificness, fruit quality and high tolerance to poorer conditions. Recommended for growing under cover, both directly in the ground and in organic or non-organic substratum (e.g. mineral wool or coconut coir). As open plants, they are characterized by the medium-strong growth, rigid sprouts as well as a fairly abundant foliage. Good fruit setting even in poorer conditions. This variety bears red, well-proportioned, block-type, smooth and shining fruit with a thick, long stem. The average weight of fruit is 220 g and their walls are 8-9 mm thick. They’re distinguished by the excellent quality – well-shaped, succulent, yet full, tough and long- lasting in storage. This variety is tolerant to fruit skin cracking and blossom end rot.

Explozja F1

  • Explozja_F1_1
  • Explozja_F1_2

This variety is distinguished by a very high yield of the highest quality. It’s already gained recognition among vegetable producers. It has all the attributes preferred by the consumers and complies with the market, retail and export requirements. Red to cherry red fruit with a long stem weigh approximately 200-260 g, usually has four chambers, 9 cm in width and 10 cm in length. They’re well-proportioned, well-shaped and of export quality. It lasts long after the harvest. The plant shows good balance between the vegetative and generative phase of growth, which results in good and even fruit setting as well as permanent yield until fall. It has a strong root system, which facilitates growing this variety in different types of soil. Fruit are resistant to cracking and russeting. This variety is tolerant to the TmV virus. Benefits to vegetable producers:

  • deep red to cherry red color
  • well-shaped and well-proportioned glossy fruit
  • export quality
  • early maturing
  • good fruit setting and thus easy to grow
  • heavy and thick-walled fruits
  • yield comparable to the leading Dutch varieties


Hipnoza F1

  • HipnozaF1_1
  • HipnozaF1_2

A new early variety of pepper bearing dark red, block-type fruit. It offers a high yield comparable to the best varieties of this species. Fruit are deep red, shining and very well- proportioned, weighing an average of 250 g. Their quality is excellent and their long- lastingness superb. They don't crack or russet. The attractive look of fruit makes them ideal both for the local market and the export. This variety is planted directly into the ground and grown in heated or unheated plastic tunnels. It offers a good and even yield throughout the entire cultivation. The loose plants are moderately vigorous. A long, good-looking stem facilitates the harvest. Fruit don’t show the tendency to become jammed. This variety is tolerant to microcracking and the TmV virus.It’s highly valued by gardeners for:

  • the good quality of fruit throughout the entire season
  • the deep red color of fruit
  • high yield comparable to the best varieties of this species
  • the long stem facilitating the harvest
  • lack of tendency to jam
  • tolerance to microcracking and the TmV virus


 Traditional domestic varieties of red tomatoes (Baron F1 and Jowisz F1) are also available.

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